Saturday, 19 August 2017

Chicken and vegetables salad


1.                   One cup of chicken meat (without bone)
2.                  Boiled carrot 1 pices
3.                  Tomato 1 pices
4.                  Voraciously 2 pices
5.                  Cabbage chopped 1 cup
6.                  onion chopped 2tablespoons
7.                  Pepper powder half teaspoon
8.                  Three table spoons of mayonnaise
9.                  One table spoon of lemon juice
10.              Sugar one teaspoon
11.              Two table spoons of sour yogurt

12.              Salt taste
1.                  Poultry must be boiled in a boil and boiled with a little salt. All vegetables should be thin cut. Meowage, chicken meat, all types of vegetables should be refrigerated and cooled together in a large container. erve with salt, sugar, lemon juice and pepper powder.
Chicken and vegetables salad

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