Friday, 28 July 2017

Tomato omelet(টমেটো অমলেট)


1.                  Egg 1 pices
2.                  Water 1 tablespoon
3.                  Oil 1 tablespoon
4.                  Tomato kochi 2 tablespoon
5.                  Onion kochi 2 tablespoon
6.                  Chilli bowl 1 tea
7.                  Coriander leaf 1 tablespoon
8.                  Salt 1 tablespoon
1.                  Mix onions, turmeric powder and salt together.
2.                  Eggs burst with spines and bursts with water. Mix onions and pepper.
3.                  Heat oil in frying pan. Give the eggs. Spread the eggs to turn the pan. Keep the ignition low.
4.                  Spread the tomato on the egg. Take a light brown color on the bottom of the egg and put it on the hot plates.

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