Friday, 23 June 2017

Vegetable onion(সবজি পেঁয়াজু)


1.                  Lentil pulse half cup
2.                  Pea half cup of peas
3.                  onion chopped 1 cup
4.                  Carrot Kiki is a quarter of a cup
5.                  Cabbage chopped half cup
6.                  Pea Kiki is a quarter of a cup
7.                  Aloo kuichi quarter cup
8.                  Dhanepata kichi quarter cup
9.                  green chili powder 2 tablespoons
10.              Salt quantity
11.              Groundnut 2 tablespoons 

12.              Piyipatana Kuchi semi cup
1.                  Wash the pulse and take 3-4 hours to soak it. All ingredients will be fried and fried in boiling water. Serve hot hot onion.

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