Friday, 23 June 2017

Jafarani Sherat(জাফরানি শরবত)


1.                  Milk 500 grms
2.                  Saffron half tea spoon
3.                  Pasta bitter semi table spoons
4.                  Amand nut chopped half table table spoon
5.                  Sugar 4 tablespoons of sugar
6.                  pistachios and gram flour 1 tablespoon
7.                  Raisin half table spoon
8.                  Cardamom powder teaspoon of sugar

9.                  Half a teaspoon of rose water
1.                  Milk, rose water, saffron and sugar should be put together at the stove, When the flame is cooled down, cool down and serve the ice with a mixture of ice.

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