Monday, 26 June 2017

Chicken Anthon(চিকেন অন্থন)


1.                  Flour 1 cup
2.                  Corn Flowers: 1/2 cup
3.                  Makhan: 2 teaspoons
4.                  Salt
5.                  Hot water: 3/4 cups
6.                  Chicken kimah 1 cup
7.                  Sesame oil: 1 tea spoon
8.                  Cabbage: 1/2 cup
9.                  The egg yolks are 2 pices
10.              Sauces 1 teaspoon
11.              Hassin sauce (will): 1 teaspoon
12.              Coriander leaves: Fist 1
13.              Onion: 1 teaspoon
14.              Grate the carrots: 1 tablespoon
15.              Kanchi Kanchi 1 teaspoon
16.              Adakuchi: 1 tea spoon
17.              Garlic Kochi: 1 tea spoon
18.              Oil 1 cup

19.              Green pepper powder: 1/2 teaspoon
1.                  First make the dough mixed with flour, corn flour, butter, salt and hot water.
2.                  Now put chicken meat in a container, sesame oil, salt, cabbage husk, two egg yolks, soy sauce, hosiin sauce, coriander leaves, onion leaves, pepper powder, carrot khichi, chopped chillies, ginger curd, garlic paste and mix well. 
3.                  Now mix it with a little water in the center of the meat.
4.                  Now make a small dough like a small bowl of flour with a dough.
5.                  Apply the water in the middle of the sheet and apply the water around the sheet.
6.                  Now fold the sheet from one side to cover the parts of the kima.
7.                  Then put the head of the sheet in the middle of both sides.
8.                  Then turn the chicken on the hot oil.
9.                  Get rid of golden color.
Chicken Anthon

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