Monday, 26 June 2017

Chinese Vegetable Recipe(চাইনিজ ভেজিটেবল রেসিপি)


1.                  Berbati
2.                  Carrots: medium size
3.                  Pepe: Medium size 1 (curved like a carrot)
4.                  Cabbage: One share of 4 percent
5.                  Mushroom: 5-6 pices
6.                  Capsicum: 1 big
7.                  Corn Fluoro: Take 2 tablespoons of water in one cup of 1/2 cup water
8.                  Chicken (chopped) or prana 1/2 cup
9.                  Ginger and garlic cut into 1 table spoon
10.              Onion: 1/2 cup chopped
11.              Testing: Salt is slightly
12.              Tomato sauce slightly

13.              Chicken stock or hot water is like quantity
1.                  Cut off / cut sliced ​​vegetables, except junk juice.
2.                  Cut off onion cubes.
3.                  All vegetables except capsicum have to be boiled separately.
4.                  Boil the vegetables in half.
5.                  Now add oil in a pan and fry until ginger and garlic is light golden.
6.                  When the chicken becomes fried with a little salt.
7.                  Now take 1/2 minutes by adding capsicum and onion and stirring all the vegetables with 4-5 minutes.
8.                  Now cover the amount of chicken stock or hot water. When the water is slightly reduced or after 5-6 minutes, take the lid and give it to the corn flavored glaze.
9.                  Now drop sugar, sauce with lemon juice.
Chinese Vegetable Recipe

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