Thursday, 22 June 2017

Nona hilsa eggplant roasted(নোনা ইলিশে বেগুন ভুনা)


1.                   Nola Hilsa 4-5 ti
2.                  Small brinjal 500 half kg
3.                  Onion Kochi half Cup
4.                  Green paper 4-6 pices
5.                  turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
6.                  pepper powder 1 teaspoon
7.                  Ginger paste half a teaspoon
8.                   cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
9.                  onion paste 1 tablespoon

10.              Fathom 5-6 pices
1.                  1 hour before cooking the non-hilha, it will be washed thoroughly after washing it in water, It does not have salt. Then the kusum will be washed in hot water and cut into small pieces.
2.                  Cut off the brinjal and knead some spots with a knife and fry it with salt and turmeric.
3.                  Heat half a cup of oil and it will be removed by fencing. E oil onion will be fried. If the onion is soft, then all the bowl and powder will sprinkle with finely chopped fish for 1 cup water. Grate the eggplant when it blooms. For some time with the glass, you will have to leave the stove.

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