Friday, 24 March 2017

Cauliflower dolama ( ফুলকপির দোলমা)

- Cauliflower 1 pieces.
- 1 cup of minced meat.
- Onion, paste 1 TE tea.
- Ginger paste 1 teaspoon of tea.
- Garlic, Tea 1/2 rebate.
- Pepper, 1 teaspoon of tea paste.
- Yellow, Tea 1/2 rebate.
- Black pepper 1 teaspoon of tea.
- Cardamom 3 pieces.
- Daricini, two pieces of two cm.
- cloves 2 pieces.
- bay leaf 1 pieces.
- Tomato sauce or yogurt 1 teca.
- Chilies 2 pieces.
-Food basket case two te ca.
- Salt 1 teaspoon of tea.
- 1/2 cups flour.

-Soybean oil 1 cup.

1.      Salt water and dip it in half an hour and put the data into the cauliflower and nipples. Copy the boiling water from the water with salt Boil 4-8 minutes.

22.    Kimaya spice paste, hot spices, bay leaf 3 tecamaca oil, sauce or yogurt and 1 /2 Boil two cups of water. When the water boiled dry meat with chilies kasao. In fact, lower oil. Grated cheese blend. Put the bay leaves and hot spices.
33.      Put cauliflower reversed plate. Copy the gaps through the mass of minced meat. Minced cauliflower must do it carefully enough.

44.    Flour a little salt, 1, Sandy medium-sized cauliflower bread that has filled the minced meat, cover the crime. 1 tecamaca water tecamaca ghee and take moth. Etem copy will be well with the bread.

55.1.   Fold back the two underwater oil cauliflower pot.
Cauliflower dolama

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