Monday, 13 March 2017

Carrots gelatinize (গাজরের হালুয়া)

- carrots 1 Kg.
- Sugar - 1 /2 cup.
- Ghee 2 spoon.
- coconut korano 1/2 cups.
- Cinnamon 1 spoon.
- Cardamom 2 ti.
- Bay leaf 2ti.
- liquid condensed milk 1/2 cups.
- amount of raisin-like.
- amount of nuts like wood brush.
- Chewing tobacco color - a little.

Process: First, wash the carrots were cut chop. And with a hot pot on the stove when the ghee should be. When the ghee is hot cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon leaves waving the carrot julienne strips of cere, salt, sugar should be. And if you get out of the water occasionally to narate milk, coconut should be korano. Soluble in water to give a little color to dry habepani and chewing tobacco are the soft gummy when cooked carrots, raisins, nuts would be down with.
Carrots gelatinize

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