Friday, 24 February 2017

Coconut shrimp( ডাব চিংড়ি)

 -Young green coconut 1 pieces.
-Small shrimp 1 cup.
-Chili 3-4 pieces.
-Poppy paste 2 teaspoon.
-Half a cup of mustard paste.
-Half a cup of mustard oil.
-Slightly yellow powder.
-Amount Salt.
Process:Leave for 15 minutes then smeared all materials shrimping. Then cut off the mouth of the water coconut eject. The coconut shrimp concoction with a spoon inserted into the well with the coconut shells mixed din. If you want as much broth as coconut water. Dab Dab open mouth / foil / close with flour.

Put the mixture in the oven heat to a temperature of 200 degrees. After almost half an hour down the phelunabyasa, it was fun to taste different foods, coconut shrimp. Serve hot with ebarabatite.
Coconut shrimp

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