Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Eggs are creamy(ডিমের মালাইকারি)


1.                   Egg: 8 pices
2.                  Onion Kochi: 1 cup
3.                  Onion bowl: 1 tablespoon
4.                  Garlic paste 1 teaspoon
5.                  Ginger Bread: 1 tsp spoon
6.                  Chili pepper: 6 pices
7.                  Ghee: 3/4 cups
8.                  Coriander Powder: 1 teaspoon
9.                  Sugar: 1 teaspoon
10.              Salt: quantity
11.              Cloves: 6 pices
12.              Cardamom: 4 pices
13.              Cinnamon: 3 tools
14.              Pepper: 8/10 pices

15.              Dense coconut milk: 2 cups
1.                  Eggs must be boiled and spiced with a thin spoon and a little salt and spices will be spiced.
2.                  Garnish with ghee will fry the spices filled with spices
3.                  Remove the eggs from the cauldron and sprinkle the onion through the ginger, garlic and onion bowl
4.                  Spices will rise on top of oil and it will be processed with coriander powder
5.                  Sprinkle hot spices with warm spices, cover the coconut with eggs, salt and sugar, boiled with coconut milk
6.                  The curry leaves to rise above the ghee, ie the ghee separates from curry.
Eggs are creamy

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