Friday, 5 May 2017

Suzy Bara (সুজির বড়া)


  1. Eggs, shake 1 pices
  2. Sugar 5 teaspoons
  3. Suzy 200 grams
1.      First, you must take a bowl in a eggs
  1. Then add 5 teaspoons of sugar to it
  2. After that, gradually add the suji until it is made of bamboo making yeast.
  3. If you become boring, you need to make a white berry with a hand.
  4. Fry with sesame oil on the stove, and fry it. After frying, they will retain brown color and become swollen. 
  5. A tissue should be stretched over the paper so that extra oil is drawn. 
    Suzy Bara (সুজির বড়া)

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