Friday, 7 April 2017

khasira meat Korma

1.      khasira meat 1kg.
2.      Onion rebate ¼ cup.
3.      Ginger paste 1 tsp.
4.      Garlic paste 2 tsp.
5.      Cinnamon 2 cm 3 pieces.
6.      Cardamom 4 pieces.
7.      Caraway 2 tsp.
8.      Yogurt ½ cup.
9.      Sugar 2 tsp.
10.  Salt 2 tsp.
11.  Butter ½ cup.
12.  Onions, slaija 6 pieces.
13.  Potato (desire) 6 pieces.
1.      Take a piece of meat wash khasira. Masaladai masalagarama paste 1/2 cup ghee and give the stove. Put the sugar and salt meat. If you do not like the boiling water boiled with approximately Boil More.
2.      Take two pieces of peeled potatoes. Fry the potatoes and put a little bit of rest ghiye.
3.      Fold in the chopped onion with a light brown color of the pot ghiye. Meat kasao. The fried meat with potatoes and caraway kasao. The smell of roast meat, potatoes and dip the water out. Stir the pot with a spoon spices from around redeem. Sprinkle medium flakes for 5-6 minutes. Reduce heat to simmer down a little sagging Put potatoes.
khasira meat Korma

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