Friday, 9 June 2017

Ruppandha Bhuna (রূপচাঁদা ভুনা)

1.      Fish is 1 big
2.      Onion Bata 3 tea
3.      Ginger 15 g
4.      Green paper 4 pices
5.      Dry chilli (powder) one teaspoon
6.      2 teaspoons of potato juice
7.      The hot spices are expected
8.      Ghee like guess
9.      Like salt estimation


1. Wash the fish and salt it, Onion, pepper powder, Lemon juice, Keep ginger with a bowl, Give two table spoons of oil in the pot. If the oil is hot, then give two pieces of cinnamon, Sprinkle the fish with water after a while. Sprinkle the glass. Sprinkle hot spices powder after two pieces of fish are fried. After 5 minutes of ghee shift.

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