Friday, 26 May 2017

Tuna Machher Chop


1.      Tuna fish cans,
2.      Onion,
3.      Ginger,
4.      Garlic,
5.      Potatoes,
6.      Red chili powder,
7.      Garam masala,
8.      Coriander powder,
9.      Salt,
10.  Oil for deep frying .


1.      Boil potatoes, mash them and keep aside.
2.      Take small amount of oil in a karahi, add onion, when it will become brown, add ginger and garlic.
3.      Fry them for few minutes, add fish, again fry for few minutes.
4.      Add seasonings in it, at last add the mashed potato.
5.      Stir it nicely, check the taste, if you like hot then you can add couple of cut green chillies.
6.      Make it into balls or flat balls or oval shape, dip it into beaten egg and roll them in breadcrumbs.
7.      Deep fry them and serve hot with tomato sauce.
Tuna Machher Chop

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