Friday, 17 February 2017

Shrimp patisapata (চিংড়ির পাটিসাপটা)

 - Flour 1 cup.
– Egg 1 ti.
-White oil 1 cup.-Medium-sized shrimp 12/14.
-Garlic kocano 2 Spoon.
-Small onion shredder 2 spoon.-Sugar - 1/4 spoon.-Salt ..andajamato.
-According to sbada lankagumro.
-Oil needed.
-Tomatoes sauce 2 spoon.
Process:Flour, eggs, a little white oil, water, salt mixed together in a smooth mix cimate an hour Cover. Do not be too thin or thick golata. It will create the patisapatara kholata. When the oil is hot onion, chopped garlic and fry for a minute and let shrimp. Salt, sweet paprika powder din. Tomatoes sauce and two tablespoons of water. When dry shift. A light-fry with shrimp filling covered with shovels to remove the shells .
Shrimp patisapata

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