Sunday, 12 November 2017

Chicken cook(মুরগী রান্না)


1.                  1 kg chicken meat
2.                  Half cup onion slaw
3.                  Chopped pepper 1 tablespoon
4.                  Yellow powder 1 tablespoon
5.                   rasuna bata2 tablespoon
6.                  Cumin powder half spoon
7.                  Ginger paste 1 tablespoon
8.                  2 pieces cinnamon,cardamom
9.                  A few chili peppers
10.              Salt (like the amount)

11.              Oil half cup

Pan Oil heating up onions, shove, Ginger, cinnamon, cardamon and raw pepper, for with the cardamon and green pepper.
Now, if you have peppers, yellow powder and salt, a little bit of salt and salt (salt before salt), will make salt with salt and gravy with a half cup of salt. Keep up and keep hot.
Now give it to the chicken 
Check out the minutes and get the meat sidba when the meat is sidba. Try Salt. If you don't have it. (this is a matter where you don't do the water, and if you think the gravy will not be the water, and if you think the gravy is more water. Can give. Bhuna type is low and will try to put the water on all the time.)
Warm up with a little bit of oil and a few onion. Burn the onion burns (it's like a bit of the the) and pour out of the meat of the cooking (bugger is given).

That's just a cook, cook chicken. Instant.

This chicken cooking is pretty fun with hot rice. Any Salah or the onion can take up to a while. Hope add jamabē well!
Chicken cook
Chicken cook

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hilsa in the frying semolina(ভাপে সরিষায় ইলিশ)


1.                  Hilsa fish (including beetles and mattresses) 6 pieces
2.                  Mustard bowl 1 table spoon
3.                  Paste 1 tablespoon
4.                  Red chili powder 2 teaspoons
5.                  Yellow powder 1 teaspoon
6.                  Onion half cup
7.                   Chili pepper 5-6 pounds
8.                  Salt quantity
9.                  Mustard oil 4 tablespoons


Fish should be kept at 1 hour with all the ingredients. Fill the bowl with a bowl or a saucepan and cover it with half a cup of water. Cook a bowl of water with a little water in a pressure cooker or pane, cover the lid, and cover it for 35-40 minutes.
Hilsa in the frying semolina
Hilsa in the frying semolina

Calata conduct(চালতার আচার)


1.                  Big size calata 2 pieces
2.                  Sugar 500 gms
3.                  Date palms 500 gms
4.                  Kashmiri pepper powder 2 tea-spoon
5.                  Pepper tallahassee powder 2 tablespoon
6.                  Salt is like the amount
7.                  Five pound powder half a teaspoon
8.                  Anise pantalla powder 1 tablespoon
9.                  Mustard oil 1 tablespoon
10.              White vinegar 1 cup

11.              Bit salt 1 tea-spoon
Calata to take a little bit of the in the hot water. Oil, jaggery, sugar, salt, vinegar to make the hair together. Cook on braised champagne with jaggery and sugar. With the rest of the time to put the rest of the ingredients.
Calata  conduct
Calata  conduct

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Biff biryani(বিফ বিরিয়ানি)


1.                  Polao rice..1 kg
2.                  Cow meat ... 1.5 kg
3.                  Ginger paste ... 1.5 teaspoons
4.                  Rasubabaata ... 1.5 teaspoons
5.                  Dhangood .. 1.5 teaspoons
6.                  Chilli powder is less than 1 teaspoon
7.                  Sounds ... A little more than a cup of 1/2 cup
8.                  Salt ... Taste
9.                  Cinnamon 4 pieces, postadana 4 pieces, jaytree 1 tablespoon, jayfall 4 pieces, shahijira 4 pieces, bake all together
10.              Tomato sauce. 1/2 cup
11.              Aloebokara .. 10 pieces
12.              Cinnamon. 20 pieces
13.              Soy sauce. 1.5 teaspoon
14.              Bitlawn .... 1/4 teaspoon
15.              Testing salts .. 1/2 teaspoon
16.              Sugar .. 1 tablespoon
17.              Potato ... 1/2 kg
18.              Keowar + rosepot ... 1.5 tablespoons
19.              Onion beaver ... 1.5 cups
20.              Onion 1 cup
21.              Bake onion. 2 tablespoons
22.              Nut bowl ... 2 tablespoons
23.              Kishmish ... Wishes
24.              Oil + ghee ... 2 cups
25.              Gourd / mawa ..1 cup
26.              Bay leaf, cinnamon 6 pieces
27.              Cumin powder ... 1.5 teaspoons

28.              Cumin powder ... 1.5 teaspoons
1.                  Beat 30 Minutes with Beef, Sauces, Half-a-Baroon Bata, Salt. Keep oil when the oil is hot, keep the meat out of the water and dry the oil. Heat oil in oil, fry the onion with the hot water, all the bowls in the red, the powder, spinach, sauce, 7/8 tsp meat with a lot of cloves. The hot water, such as the amount of meat, is well-liked. If done, add giragara, hot water, sugar, berita 1/4 cup. When the meat is over the oil drop down.
2.                  Take potato juice, mix it with zeros. Put the dip bottle of potatoes, covered with a little water, a little sugar.

For polao
Tea + Ghee onion, bajapata, fry with hot water. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of amaranth with radish paste, let it dry, let the rice of double the hot rice, raisins and salt. When the ballot comes, reduce the net to 20 minutes.
Polao Ready
Take the left side of the polao 1/3 percent of the bone and raise the rest. Sprinkle the meat, beresta, potato, fried potatoes, powders / mawa, on the polao, thus it will be 3 layers.
In the last few minutes, turn the spleen into a few areas of biriyani with a spoon handle. Keep it in 20 minutes,After serving, mix the polao meat after mixing.
Biff biryani
Biff biryani

Monday, 6 November 2017

Chitai pita(চিতই পিঠা)


1.                  Polao rice 1 cup
2.                  Normal rice  2 cup
3.                  Water quantity

4.                  Salt 2 tablespoons
Wash the rice well and keep it for 7 hours. Now take a little bit of rice and water well in the grinde, But there will be a little grain grain. Now make a bat thin with salt and yolk hot water. Now add a little oil to the iron or gran flour and heat the heat with the stove, as the smoke gets up, Just give the amount of spoon with a spoon and cover it for 4 minutes, Give the oven to the medium. After 4 minutes, you will see the inshaallah Pittas beautiful swelling and boiled. Serve meat, Shoot or with any fill or molasses.
Tips: If you do not swallow puffs, then baking soda can give a little bit but my cakes are soft and swollen soda. I used to open it to open the patta.
Chitai pita
Chitai pita

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Moglai porota(মোগলাই পরোটা)


1.                  Flour 1 cup
2.                  Salt ½ teaspoon

3.                  Oil 1 table spoon

1.                  With the help of flour, oil and salt, you have to take it with water. Now you have to make half a cup of oil and keep it in an hour.
1.       Meat minced half cup
2.       Ginger half a teaspoon
3.       Garlic half tea spoon
4.       Cardamom 1 pices
5.       Two pieces of cinnamon
6.       Salt taste
7.       Oil 1 table spoon
You have to take boiled minced water.
Minced meat:
1.       Egg 2-3 pices
2.       Onion half cup 
3.       Chopped green chili 2-3 pices
4.       Coriander leaves wishful
5.       Oil for frying
Make a loaf of bread and make a loaf of bread. The bread will be thin.
Then put oil on it with oil and fry the onion, turmeric powder, minced rice, and after finely crushing the bread, fold the bread into four pieces and make it in a paratha.
Serve with salad, sauce.
Moglai porota
Moglai porota